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How you helped Swan Island Jewelry become a reality

I am thrilled that everyone who owns a Swan Island jewelry design love how beautiful they feel when they wear handmade jewelry that is heirloom quality worthy to pass down to their daughters and their sons.

–Maureen Waterman
Swan Island Jewelry CEO

Before creating swan island jewelry I was designing jewelry at a boutique in Booth Bay Harbor Maine.

A beautiful harbor along the coast of Maine where tourists come to shop from all over the world.

When People shop they are drawn to unique art and handcrafted jewelry.

They touch it, they feel it, they try it on, they look for something they can give to their loved ones, something that moves them when they own a creation from an inspiring artist.

This spoke to my inner spirit…

To create jewelry so everyone feels that inspiration behind each collection, heirloom quality Jewelry that can be passed down to their daughters and their sons. Collections  inspiring people to feel my vision as I release each one of them.

But then ….

The owner closed the shop and moved to Florida which led me to work from home so having much time on my hands I decided to study Jewelry metal smith Techniques to further my skills.
Lots of tools and equipment was needed to work from home.  My husband purchased a work bench and built a shop / studio so I was thrilled to get going and work on my new found skills.


there was inventory building up that needed to be sold.
So I placed a few pieces in a local shop which was nice, however I soon realized that brick and mortar stores are beginning to slow way down as more and more people are shopping on the internet.

 here is the scary part….

I had to decide if this is a hobby or the real deal, and a website is the only option.

A website was created and I just love it. 

But the crazy stuff started in my head…..

I was scared and concerned that most of the jewelry sold was in a tourist environment, where Maine made products were very desirable.
The market is already flooded with jewelry products and designers. 
So how is my jewelry unique?
What is it about my jewelry that is different?
Who will notice what I create among the over crowded industry Online?
 I feel so crazy to take this leap even sirens began ringing in my head, but I needed to believe,  just believe I can. 

This is what I told myself…

I create jewelry from my heart I have a passion to connect with the spiritual meanings of things.
I vision in my mind a design that leads me to create something unique.
Some times someone comes along that inspires me to continue to be true to who I am and just believe in doing what I love.

It turns out…

the road was more difficult than I imagined.
It has taken me what seems like forever to build a website.


I became ill and had to postpone everything for a while.
There had been many times I wanted to throw up my hands and give up.  but, my sweet Hubby James encouraged me to go on.

 Thank you James!

This is the story of how  Swan Island Jewelry.com became a reality.
since the release of my first collections the response has been so incredibly amazing.