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Ammonite Earrings


Golden Amber brown Ammonite Fossil features a beautiful Swarovski crystal  in the crevice inclusion which was drilled slightly to fit the crystal.

           The Nature Jewelry

Fossil Ammonite Earrings Make Gorgeous Timeless Gifts For the woman that loves to wear unique one of a kind treasures.




The Ammonite is A Very Powerful Earth Healing Fossil.

This is a beautifully preserved fossil.

Cut and polished to reveal the inner chambers of detail and mineralization.

The perfect gift for the woman who loves fossils.

This Fossil Earrings Unveils…

Fossil – Ammonite

Fossil Color – Golden Amber Brown

Origin – Madagascar

Bezel – 18k white Gold Plated

Crystal – Swarovski  Clear Crystal

Ear Wires – .925 Sterling Silver French

Length – 1 Inch Wide By 1½ Inch Long


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 9.5 in


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